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Pulseroll are the next generation of fitness training recovery and wellbeing products – using scientifically proven benefits of vibration technology.

Use Pulseroll on your sore muscle areas, hold for 10-30 seconds on the most painful trigger points and let he vibrations work their magic, providing you with the most effective deep tissue massage for a fraction of the price. Repeat several times each session and on a daily basis for great long term results and benefits.

Use your exclusive 20% discount today and experience the pain relief for yourself.


With products including vibrating foam rollers, peanut ball, single ball and a gun they are being used by elite athletes, fitness enthusiasts and rehabilitation professionals. They are official partners with Loughborough Sports, GB Boxing, British Weightlifting, England Handball, British Fencing and work with several premier league football clubs.

The benefits of vibration can help with increased circulation, improved mobility, reduced DOMS and myofascial release; aiding your recovery process and reducing the risk of injury.

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