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15% Off

Did you know: what you wear when you’re training affects both performance and recovery? Fitness clothing isn’t just about looking awesome – the best items have functional benefits, too!

Trusted by professional athletes all over the world and backed by plenty of scientific studies. The use of compression clothing for fitness, has been proven to work by increasing the blood flow to your muscles and improving circulation as a result.

The benefits of compression clothing fall into two categories:

  • When you’re training, itt improves performance by preventing muscle fatigue,
  • Whilst you’re at rest, it speeds up your recovery rate and reduces muscle soreness, allowing you to get back in the mix quicker than before!

Fortunately for our members, our friends over at Kitbox stock the industry leading compression brand, 2XU!

Head over there now with the confidence knowing that you can always save 15% on your order!


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