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Urban is an app on a mission to empower people through wellness. It’s the easy way to book the treatments you need – massage, nails, skincare, and osteopathy – in the comfort of your home. Choose your pre-vetted practitioner, pick a time and place, and relax. Urban practitioners take home 72% of every booking, so you can feel good about feeling good.

Urban is currently available in four cities across Europe: London, Manchester, Birmingham, and Paris.


As they’ve grown, they’ve talked about the impact of wellness with their employees, their customers, and the Urban practitioner community. A clear theme has always rung true: when you prioritise wellness, you do better. You’re more energetic. Confident. Relaxed. It’s different for everyone. For some, a massage does the trick. Others, a walk outside. And yet, it’s not easy to prioritise wellness. We face endless notifications, long hours, and pressure to always be productive.

Their mission is to empower people to put wellness first. And really, to promote those feelings of confidence, relaxation and ambition that empower you to do everything else.

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