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An absolute game changer! These  are going to be your new best friend when it comes to complete, whole-body healing, recovery and deep muscle treatment – perfect for that post leg-day stiffness!

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Every Theragun houses a powerful industrial-grade Japanese motor, engineered to precisely deliver 16 mm of Amplitude at a speed of 40 percussions per second on the body. They carefully tested this calibration of depth and speed to ensure their devices offer the most effective professional-grade percussive therapy treatment available for pain relief, enhanced performance, and accelerated recovery.

The proprietary 16 mm Amplitude provides deep muscle relief and enhanced repair, decreasing pain and increasing range of motion.


  • Relieves muscle tension, fatigue, tightness, soreness, and knots
  • Pain relief
  • Accelerates recovery and muscle repair
  • Stimulates blood and lymphatic flow
  • Relieves muscle spasms and stiffness
  • Breaks up scar tissue
  • Decreases pain and sensitivity to stretching
  • Increases range of motion (ROM)
  • Enhances athletic performance
  • Activates muscles fast
  • Improves muscle coordination
  • Improves lactic acid clearance
  • Natural stress reliever
  • Myofascial release

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