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The team at Quest are super popular for good reason – they guarantee you amazing taste, great nutritional value and a high protein content too!

Quest bars have the best nutritional profile of any other protein bar on the market and are perfect for any of you who are looking to get some top quality protein into their diets without compromising on flavour.

We’re talking 20g of bioavailable protein, just 2g of sugar, zero saturated fats and 17g of fibre per bar – pretty damn good!

There’s no rubbish ingredients here, the team at Quest have ensure their bars are junk and gluten free, and contain plenty of slow burning carbohydrates to give you a steady release of energy throughout the day all the while helping you feel fuller for longer.

Perfect for post workout fuel straight from the packet and even better enjoyed warm from the microwave for a more indulgent treat, these are simply the bomb and make sticking to your high-protein diet that little bit easier!

As a member with us, you can always get a tasty 10% off on the whole range via our perk with Musclefood – head over there now!


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