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What Is Athlete Perks?

Athlete Perks is a membership site that rewards sports people of any level with exclusive perks, from the UK’s best sports, health and wellness brands.

How do I become an Athlete Perks member?

Simply sign up by registering your details with us and then selecting either our Premium or Essential membership plan. 

Once registered, you’ll have membership access, so log in, explore our exclusive perks from our awesome range of sport, health and wellness partners and get rewarded for your efforts!

Is there a maximum amount of perks I can redeem?

No! Once registered as an Athlete Perks member, you have unlimited access to all of our ongoing perks with our amazing partners. Allowing you to consistently TRAIN | PLAY | SAVE

When will I receive my welcome package?

Premium Annual members will be sent a welcome package within 3-5 days after they join us.

If you have a trial with the Premium Annual membership, you will receive an email 2 weeks after you’ve converted to a paying member with instructions on how to claim.

Our Monthly membership does not include the welcome package.